The Main Window 


The Main Window controls movie selection, playback, and data export. The individual buttons and sliders are described below:

  1. Select movie folder
  2. Select individual movie files
  3. Export all GPS track data to CSV file
  4. Export all GPS track data to GPX file
  5. Export all GPS track data to Google Earth KML file
  6. Export view to PNG or JPG image
  7. Export portion of movie to separate movie file
  8. Merge multiple movies into a single large movie
  9. Sync window movement
  10. Re-center movie in viewer frame
  11. Modify preferences
  12. Current speed
  13. Current date/time
  14. Movie display. Use mouse to zoom and translate movie.
  15. Current movie scrubber
  16. Movie file selector
  17. Jump To fastest point in movie or Jump To a specific movie
  18. Reveal movie in Finder
  19. Current movie filename, file size, framerate
  20. Save or delete settings on a per-movie basis
  21. Jump back one movie
  22. Instant Replay
  23. Pause/Play:
  24. Increase/decrease playback rate
  25. Jump forward one movie
  26. Create Geotag
  27. Volume and mute controls

The Dashboard Display shows the current position, speed, direction, and time. For dashcams that support enhanced GPS data collection, Dashcam Viewer displays the elevation, number of satellites in view, and signal confidence:

  1. Speed, distance, and time display. The speed units can be toggled between mph and km/h by clicking the mph button.
  2. Three-way display showing current compass heading, calendar, and weather at the time of the drive.
  3. Latitude, longitude, altitude, and number of satellites in view.
Dashboard Display dashboard

See Your Tracks in the Map Window map The Map Window animates to show the current position of the drone against a map background.

The route line is color-coded based on the drone’s speed.

You can geotag points of interest with custom markers. The marker locations can be exported (or imported)

You can click on the route to jump to that point in the movie sequence.

You can toggle between street map and satellite imagery map backgrounds.

Choose either Google or Mapquest maps to get the views you need.

The Plot Views show the time history of drone speed, distance, compass direction, altitude, and number of GPS satellites in view. Multiple Plot Views graph

Create Geotags


Drop markers anywhere along your route. The markers show up on the Map and in a List view.

The time, date, speed, latitude, longitude, movie name, and movie time are also displayed.

Double-clicking a geotag in the Geotags List will instantly jump to that point in the route. The geotags can be exported to a text file, and imported back in.

All loaded movies are shown in the Movies List. Movies that are uninteresting can be toggled off so they no longer appear in the movie sequence and their data is no longer displayed in the Map or Graphs.

Users can double-click a Movie in the List to immediately jump to the beginning of the video. Meta information about each movie, such as file size, maximum vehicle speed, date/time, is displayed in the list item.

Movies List


Export Your GPS Tracksgoogle_earth DroneViewer allows you to export your GPS track data in a number of formats, including comma-separated value (CSV), GPX, and Google Earth KML (shown on the left).

You can also export portions of your movies to separate files, or export a snapshot of the movie to a PNG/JPG image file.